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The works of Michael A. Gordon


Mark Elder, a Specialist Firearms Officer with Police Scotland, is injured in the line of duty.


Whilst recuperating with his family in Croatia, he becomes embroiled in some world-shaking events. Life becomes even more complicated when he is sucked into a dark world of espionage.

An enemy never forgets. Seen as a threat to their vested interests, the shadowy underworld figures pull out all the stops to eliminate Mark. But they underestimate just how much support he is given by British intelligence, who have found a willing contributor to the country's security.


Barnaby is an English boy living in
New York. 

Adventure begins when he discovers that the 'Teleport device’ he thinks his mad uncle has been working on is actually a time machine!

Powered by an alien crystal that endows the holder with great powers, the devices use awakens the watchful eyes of interested parties throughout the universe.

As evil characters conspire around him, Barnaby has to toughen up and lead his friends against the darkness that is enveloping the galaxy.


In the Press

The fantastical universe that the author opens is different from anything else and can’t be compared. I recommend that you read this book and discover it for yourself. I can’t wait to see what happens next!

Janey, Amazon Review 
Amazon Review.

This book is wonderful and I really enjoyed the story and the characters. The time-travelling aspect is well developed as well as setting up the premise for the next books in the series. The villain is well crafted to appear charming at first blindsiding me. I look forward to reading the next books in the series!

Shelvesofstarlight, Blog Review 
Read the Review.

The journey that their friendships go on, as well and the actual journeys in the story are gripping and made this book one that we didn't want to put down, with a great cliffhanger at the end - we were so pleased it's not the end of the story just the book!

The story itself was fun, creative, and entertaining. It was well written and easily held my interest throughout the tale. And for anyone worried that this book was just one big history lesson, worry not. There was much more to this tale than just a couple of short trips into the past.

In The Press

Barnaby news


Barnaby Book five OUT NOW!

The final story in the saga is now available for purchase on Amazon.

Planet Earth is under new rule. Darius Dent, hell-bent on imposing tough laws upon his subjects, takes drastic measures to ensure his plans come to fruition. Can Polly convince him to back down?


Dent’s estranged Emperor, Kallick, has set a trap to lure Barnaby and friends to their doom on the planet Koyakashi. It’s a race against time to save an old friend from a terrible fate. With twist and turns and loyalties being pulled in all directions, a band of Arkavians begin to rise up against their new Emperor with devastating consequences.


As events take a tragic turn, the day of the prophecy finally arrives and the ultimate battle between good and evil begins. Only the pure-in-heart can succeed. But all is not as it seems...



Barnaby Brown and the Baetylus Sones was officially released on 28.09.2020.

Darius Dent, now released from prison is up to his old tricks. Joining forces with the evil Lord Kallick, he kidnaps Professor of Ancient History, Peter Lansdowne, in a bid to locate the Baetylus Stones, ancient powerful artefacts from history.

Join Barnaby and chums as they leap their way around history from Delphi to Rome and Carthage to Mount Cassius in a desperate attempt to locate the stones before Dent can empower himself with them and wreak havoc on Earth.

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