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Barnaby Brown and the Time Machine

Barnaby is an Englishboy in New York. Having recently moved there, he's daunted by the prospects of his new school and making friends.

 But life soon takes a dramatic turn! It all begins when Barnaby secretly gets a hold of his mad uncle's 'teleport device', only to discover it's a portal through space and time.


Powered by an alien crystal, the time machine awakens the watchful eyes of those who have been moderating it in the universe for millennia.


It's not long before his mother's billionaire boss, arms manufacturer Darius Dent, learns of its existence and hatches his own evil plans for it.


Join Barnaby and friends on their adventures as they travel through Nazi occupation, alien worlds and much more.


Barnaby Brown and the Baetylus Stones

It has been two years since the last encounter with arch-enemy Darius Dent.

Kidnapping an English professor who teaches ancient history, Dent seeks the baetylus stones, powerful crystals that endow their holder with great abilities.


The stones, however, are lost to time so he enlists the help of the evil warrior Lord Kallick to transport him into the past.


Join Barnaby and friends as they leap their way around ancient cities and civilisations, from Carthage to Rome and Delphi to Mount Cassius. desperately trying to stop Dent from reaching his goal and becoming the biggest threat to the human race in its entire history.


Barnaby Brown and the Battle for Earth

It is a perilous time for the free people of the galaxy.

Evil Lord Kallick and his Earthling sidekick, Darius Dent, have launched an attack on the planet Earth using a secret invasion force, developed over hundreds of years.


Nothing stands between the total domination of the planet's inhabitants and the Arkavian army, except Barnaby, Jack, Marsha, Polly and the power of the baetylus stones. Can Barnaby and chums thwart this invasion before Earth fully succumbs to its attackers?


Join Barnaby and company as they lead Earth's forces to defend their planet and embark on a dangerous mission to gain the upper hand in the heart of the lead Arkavian battleship.


Barnaby Brown and the Lost Empire

After the devastating events of the last twelve hours, Barnaby Brown and Marsha find themselves stranded on a strange new world in a parallel universe.

Angpur, a mining colony ruled by the Arkavians, longs to be freed. Barnaby and Marsha, with some new and surprising comrades, along with the planet’s ancient tribes, are tasked with its liberation.


On Earth, Jack helps to build a resistance against the Arkavian Empire and defend it from the water harvesters that are now sucking the Earth dry.


As the Arkavian invasion of Koyakashi begins, the universe's darkest secret reveals itself and tips the balance towards the ultimate showdown between good and evil. Join Barnaby and friends on their most dangerous mission yet.


Barnaby Brown and the Dark Star

It is a dark time for all the citizens of the universe.

Planet Earth is under new rule. Darius Dent, hell-bent on imposing tough laws upon his subjects, takes drastic measures to ensure his plans come to fruition. Can Polly convince him to back down?


Dent’s estranged Emperor, Kallick, has set a trap to lure Barnaby and friends to their doom on the planet Koyakashi. It’s a race against time to save an old friend from a terrible fate. With twist and turns and loyalties being pulled in all directions, a band of Arkavians begin to rise up against their new Emperor with devastating consequences.


As events take a tragic turn, the day of the prophecy finally arrives and the ultimate battle between good and evil begins. Only the pure-in-heart can succeed. But all is not as it seems...

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